Our Process

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Design and prototyping

Designing innovative products involves conceptualizing new cable types, materials, and configurations that can provide enhanced performance, durability, and efficiency.


Wire Drawing and annealing

We use a series of synthetic diamond dies to pull copper or aluminum rods, ensuring precision in wire production.


Twisting and bunching

Wires of the same gauge are twisted or stranded together, enhancing their strength and performance.


Extrusion and cabling

Our extrusion machines apply insulating material to the wire, enhancing durability and safety.


Cutting & Stripping

Before manufacturing the raw materials are prepared with the insulation partially or totally removed at specific points.


Crimping & assembly

These two processes are crucial in ensuring that the electrical connection is secure and reliable with the help of tooling & techniques.


Plastic injection moulding

It plays a crucial role in the wire and cable industry by producing a wide range of components and parts that are essential for the manufacturing and functionality of cables and wiring systems.


Testing and quality control

Both are paramount in the wire and cable industry to ensure the safety, reliability, and performance of electrical products.

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